Airsoft Sport Battle

What is Swargame

Swargame is the concept on the combinition of "Sport & Wargame(Known as Airsoft game)". We have a vision that Wargame could be known as a regular sport in community.

Airsoft game (We call it as "Wargame") is a popular activities in Hong Kong. We are trying to integrate our game with sport factors to push it in the brand of "Swargame".

To know more about Swargame, welcome our comparison page about Swargame vs Wargame & Game Rules.

We push Swargame Airsoft Sport Battle, in the basis of supporting traditional airsoft game and related industries.

Relocation Notice

Please be noticed that our office address is relocated as following:

6/F Room H(H6820), Selwyn Factory Building, 404 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.

Equipments Rental Service

We are providing rental service of our equipments to any organizations. Our equipment includes MP5 Airsoft sub-machine gun, sling, safety muzzle cover, magazine, battery, safety mask and 6mm BB ammo. If the area applicable, we can also provide our patent safety boundary, with our professional instructors.

The rental service is suitable for any training about youth education, military and adventure. From our experience, it is also suitable for community activities, corporate team building, fun-day events and movies' demonstration.

About Swargame Certificate Course & Others Training

To ensure the professional our our Swargame players, we are offering certificate course in serveral levels. In 2011, we have re-tailored our courses structure and certificate paths to both primary and secondary schools. Please feel free to submit your enquiry.

Swargame Photos & Video Chips

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"In any Swargame trainings & events, we emphasize Safe, Fair and Joyful games."