Airsoft Sport Battle

Swargame Membership

We pay all our efforts on the evolution of airsoft sport from a personal hobby to a common sport with either personal or group achievement and development. We need your help! Now our organization is accepting three different memberships:

As our members, you can have and enjoy on:

Personal Students Membership

Any local students with student ID card and over 10-year-old. The annual fee will be HK$50, we are accepting mail or fax as the following steps:

  1. Download and fill up our personal membership form(SPM-1).
  2. With the copy of student ID card.
  3. Membership fee could be paid by cheque or and bank deposite receipt. And fax/mail to us.

Personal Adults Membership

We welcome anyone who over 16 years old be our adult member to join our course and any activities. Annual fee will be HK$100. The steps is as same as Student membership.

Note: Web registration will be available very soon.

Group membership

We welcome any students unions or interest group register us as our group members to partcipate our activities. Please feel free to contact our comittee directly.

"In any Swargame trainings & events, we emphasize Safe, Fair, Joyful games."