Airsoft Sport Battle

Swargame Game Field

We are no longer to waste half day on traffic to go countryside to enjoy airsoft game. Swargame only require a standard basketball court to start our game, no matter indoor or outdoor!

Standard basketball court size : 28 metre Long x 15 metre Wide

*We will also hold any Swargame events in any place if applicable.

SwargameVirtual Cover

We have no trees and rocks, but we have designed Swargame Virtual Cover(S.V.C.) and place inside our game field to excite our game. Each Swargame Virtual Cover designed as a "L" shape with 2m height.

Swargame Safety Boundary

The design of this safety boundary is Swargame proprietary.

To fulfill the requirement that we can play our game anywhere, our architects designed a corresponding safety boundary and we called "Swargame Safety Boundary(S.S.B.). The inflatable boundary is 28m L x 15m W x 2.5m H and made by special material that unpenetrable by airsoft ammo. With this boundary, our players can easily differentiate the area of game and spectators are also able to watch outside during the game!

"In any Swargame trainings & events, we emphasize Safe, Fair and Joyful games."