Airsoft Sport Battle

Swargame Format

Rifle & Ammo Limits

In all of Swargame events, we limit all airsoft rifle/pistol in 1.00 Joule on the stopping power.

We also limit all ammo in our swargame which should not be less than 5.5 mm, and the weight should not be over 0.3 gram pure pastic BB pellet.


As other airsoft games, we use the basis of "hit and die". "Hit" is understood as any parts of players body, clothing, tools and equipments got any hit from any dimensions and the player should be "die". "Die" is a foul and the player should leave the game instantly. For example, any reflection or team-kill, all will be defined as "Hit" and the player got hit will be foul.

During the Swargame match, players might have to leave due to got hit. Each time of man-leaving, it would be a challange for other teammates to re-organize the team tactics. This is a big challenge in team co-operations and leadership of each team captain.


During the Swargame match, "Bingo" is applicable if the distance is close under 2 meters, we should use "Bingo" to "Kill" and prevent accident. The step of "Bingo" is as following:

If one enemy stay behind the obstacle, there are two methods of eliminations for players:

    1. Without Open Fire:
      Walk close to the target enemy, look and point the rifle at the target without shooting and shout "BINGO".
    2. With Open Fire:
      Walk close to the target enemy, turn the rifle into single shot and shoot on the body of the target. You can only shoot on the body which below the target's shoulder.

Dangerous Action

Blind-shooting is not allowed. "Blind-shooting" is that any player shooting without aim. All players must fire with aiming the target.


"In any Swargame trainings & events, we emphasize Safe, Fair and Joyful games."