Airsoft Sport Battle

Swargame vs Wargame

Wargame(Airsoft) has been a popular activity in Hong Kong for some time.  The rules and regulations of Wargame are applicable to both indoor and outdoor setting.  Once the game starts, there is no break until the end of the game.  Due to the fact that war games are normally played in forest or bush areas, it is difficult for judges to closely observe if there is any unfair play.  It is thus very unlikely that judges can pause the game even though rules are violated.  This might cause misunderstanding and unfairness.

The rules and regulations of Swargame are similar with those of football matches.  Judges can anytime pause the match and execute judgement or penalty by blowing whistle.  This practice can reduce the possibility of unfairness.

We are promoting Swargame in the basis of keep supporting traditional wargame!

The comparison table below shows the similarities and differences of swargame and war games.  It can give you a comprehensive understanding of what swargame is.

Wargame(Trad. Airsoft Game)
Venue Private-owned war game sites in countryside or warehouses in factory buildings Anywhere with size similar to a basketball court. We provide S.S.B. and S.V.C.
Dress Camouflage Uniform Any casual and comfortable clothes
Regulations Not specified, as agreed by players We have our own standard rules and regulations, which to be reviewed every year.
Safety Introduced by instructors. Self-discipline by players. We offer basic safety training course. To garantee our members have familiared safety concept and our rules. We have also listed a personal safety guildline for public download.
Headcount Not specified. Depends on the size of the site. 10 each side for students game. 5 each side for adults game.
Power limit Under 2J as stated in HK law. Agreement and assessment on power could be an option as arranged by players. As stated in our docuements, we only use any model airsoft below 1 Joule and we have complusary assessment in each events.
Ammo Not specified, as agreed by players. Unlimited magazine. All our official events only allow 0.2g BB ammo. We also have limitation on the carry amount of ammo and magazines.
Referee Not available Referee will stands in all our official events for the safety censor and fairness.
Championship Difficult as there are no clearly stated rules and regulations. We offer a fair enviornment for games, two sides are able to be against on tactics, speed and co-operation effectiveness.
Game mode No specification in match duration and scoring. As agrreed by players. Accordding to our standard game rules and regulations, game time is 10 minutes and scoring by flags collection and headcount eliminated. We review our game rules each year.
Sustainability Getting popular. Have already been adapted as a team building or leadership training courses by enterprises and organizations. We reference other regular sports to develop airsoft sport. Our vision is airsoft game could be played as casual as other regular sports.
Community Developing independently by individual players, business operators, and online discussion forums. We invite team representatives, business operators, and forum master acting as our committees, working with Govenment departments in the title of registered organization.

To support us, please be our members and push Swargame!

"In any Swargame trainings & events, we emphasize Safe, Fair and Joyful games."